Farm Products

Since our humble beginnings, The Pipe Shop, Inc. has always supplied quality farms products including metal fencing, cow panels, gates and hay racks in the Louisiana and Mississippi areas. Our experienced craftsmen have a large supply of these products available for delivery or pick up at our facility in Kentwood, Louisiana, just south of the Mississippi line, conveniently located close to I‐55. Call one of our professionals at The Pipe Shop, Inc. at 985‐229‐8590 or 1‐844‐815‐PIPE or click here for a complete listing of our products and corresponding prices.

Metal Fencing

If you are considering fencing an area for your cattle or horses, metal fencing will last much longer than traditional wooden and barbed wire fences which need constant upkeep. Metal fencing products from The Pipe Shop, Inc. include our Flo‐Coat and Gatorshield galvanized tubing, which is designed to resist rust and corrosion, and provide a lasting enclosure for your herd. Pipe and drill stem (drill casing) options are available as well. Metal fencing requires a greater initial investment than traditional wood or barbed wire, but is essentially maintenance free once installed. Wooden plank can warp and rot quickly, meaning expensive repairs can be needed in a relatively short amount of time. Barbed wire is not a long‐lasting alternative, especially when compared to metal, and can harm cattle or horses attempting to escape. Finally, metal fencing adds an aesthetic appeal that will improve the look of your farm or ranch. Please click here, or call 985‐229‐8590 or 1‐844‐815‐PIPE and have one of our experienced professionals work up a quote for your fencing project.

Metal Farm Gates

The Pipe Shop, Inc. has the solution to your gating needs. Whether you need a stock size, or require a custom‐built gate, our craftsmen create a quality product for your farm or ranch. Our metal gate selection includes primarily pipe, although long-lasting galvanized pipe can also be ordered to your specification. Our gates are affordable, will fit within your budget, and provide the reliability and durability you have come to expect from The Pipe Shop, Inc. If you would like additional information, or would like to obtain a product quote, please click here or call 985‐229‐8590 or 1‐844‐815‐PIPE.

Hay Racks

The owners of The Pipe Shop, Inc. have created a unique square hay rack that will help prevent much of the hay loss associated with older models of racks. Our square hay racks are designed to keep round forage off the ground, which can yield approximately 10-25% additional hay consumption, especially during wet periods. Less hay loss is better for the health of your herd, as well as your bottom line. Before you purchase a traditional hay rack, consider a square hay rack built by the professionals at The Pipe Shop, Inc.

Hay racks from The Pipe Shop, Inc. are built using 1 ½ “and 2” Schedule 40 pipe which puts them in a league of their own. Several sizes and designs are available. When you need hay racks for your farm or ranch in Louisiana or Mississippi, contact The Pipe Shop, Inc. at 985‐229‐8590 or 1‐844‐815‐PIPE or click here for a complete list of our products and pricing.

Cow Panels

Cow panels available at The Pipe Shop, Inc., are an excellent way to confine cattle, horses and swine. The Pipe Shop, Inc. has been serving the ranch and cattle needs of Louisiana and Mississippi since the beginning of our company, and have many years of experience in producing quality farm products. Our panels are sturdy, yet lightweight, making them easy to set up, install, and take down for use elsewhere. When you are searching for affordability, durability, and flexibility, our metal panels are the solution for your ranch or cattle operation. Please call 985‐229‐8590 or 1‐844‐815‐PIPE or click here for a quote on cow panels available from The Pipe Shop, Inc.

Continuous Fence Panels

Continuous fence panels are available from The Pipe Shop, Inc. in a variety of heights, and number of runs. Each section is 21’ long, and come ready to install with interlocking line‐up pins that make them a fast installation process. If you are looking for a dependable product then look no farther. Contact The Pipe Shop, Inc. at 985‐229‐8590 or 844‐815‐PIPE or click here for a complete list of our products and pricing.

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