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The Pipe Shop, Inc. in Kentwood, Louisiana is the solution for your metal building needs in Louisiana and Mississippi. Our metal buildings are priced to fit your budget, and our quality construction will surpass your expectations. The Pipe Shop, Inc. constructs our metal buildings using our Flo‐Coat and Gatorshield galvanized tubing, as well as pipe, for a structure built to last. Flo‐Coat and Gatorshield metal tubing uses the most advanced galvanization process available to provide a rust‐resistant surface that has a smooth surface, unlike many galvanized products using the older hot‐dip process. Our galvanized tubing structures can be completed using and A‐Frame, ClearSpan, and One‐Slope styles. Our pipe options are also an excellent value and will provide you with a quality building that will last for years to come. Metal buildings constructed using pipe are considered “pole barns,” and can also be created with an A‐Frame, ClearSpan, One‐Slope, and Roll Top designs. The Pipe Shop, Inc. generally constructs the roof portions of our metal buildings with a 2:12 or 3:12 pitch, but each roof can easily be built to the pitch and dimensions you require.

Our construction crews are directly supervised by Joseph Bridges, who is an owner of The Pipe Shop, Inc., and not simply run by subcontractors. Our metal building craftsmen have years of experience together, and will complete your structure with the same pride and attention to detail if you were building it yourself.

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Galvanized Tubing Metal Buildings

A‐Frame Metal Buildings

There are numerous advantages to choosing an A‐Frame metal building constructed of galvanized tubing. The Pipe Shop, Inc. utilizes rust‐resistant Flo‐Coat and Gatorshield galvanized tubing in the construction of our metal buildings to provide maximum durability for your structure. The A‐Frame design delivers versatility to your metal building, creating large amounts of space for storage or other utilities. The Pipe Shop, Inc.’s competitive pricing on our metal buildings will leave room in your budget for the items you would like to buy to store in your new structure! If you would like a quote on an A‐Frame structure from one of our professionals, please click here , or give us a call at 985‐229‐8590 or 1‐844‐815‐PIPE.

ClearSpan Metal Buildings

ClearSpan structures are a popular style at The Pipe Shop, Inc. for a number of reasons, including low cost, flexibility, and versatility. ClearSpan structures are affordable, and offer a variety of economical uses. This type of structure was carefully designed to eliminate the need for support beams, which can take up valuable space in your metal building. People and organizations use ClearSpan structures for many uses, ranging from gymnasiums to storage. The Flo‐Coat and Gatorshield galvanized tubing from The Pipe Shop, Inc. is rust resistant and can easily be welded, providing many size and structure options. If you are considering a ClearSpan metal building, call 985‐229‐8590 or 1‐844‐815‐PIPE to speak with one of our experienced team members.

One‐Slope Metal Structures

A One‐Slope metal building is a simple, yet efficient structure that has a roof which higher at the front and lower at the rear. The single‐slope structures at The Pipe Shop, Inc. are available in long‐lasting Flo‐Coat and Gatorshield galvanized metal tubing for corrosion resistance and can be welded easily. One‐Slope metal buildings are budget‐friendly, and can be completed quickly for your needs. To obtain a quote for one of our multipurpose One‐Slope metal buildings, please click here or give us a call at 985‐229‐8590 or 1‐844‐815‐PIPE.

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