Galvanized Tubing

The Pipe Shop, Inc. carries a full line of Flo‐Coat and Gatorshield galvanized tubing for your construction project, whether you are located in the southeast, or anywhere in the United States. Our availability includes square, rectangle and round tubing, and our quality products include both prime and seconds. Galvanized tubing is cost‐effective, meaning your project may be bid lower or even come in under budget. Galvanized steel is durable and requires less maintenance than other metal that needs painting for longevity.

Why should you consider using galvanized tubing for your construction project?

Galvanized steel is both durable and economical. Galvanization is a process in which steel or iron has a protective coating of zinc applied to resist corrosion. Our tubing is galvanized through an inline process known as Flo‐Coat. This galvanization process is the most advanced method available, and offers a number of advantages over the traditional hot‐dip process. Flo‐Coat runs welded tubing through molten zinc while still on‐line, to coat the steel three times with high‐grade zinc. The zinc permanently adheres to the metal, and greatly increases the ability of the steel to combat the onset of rust. The Flo‐Coat process produces a consistently smooth finish, unlike the bumpy surfaces often seen in traditional hot‐dip steel. The Pipe Shop Inc., also offers Gatorshield galvanized tubing products. Gatorshield created using the same Flo‐Coat technology as our other tubing, but add up to 50% additional zinc to the steel. Gatorshield is an ideal product for outdoor structures, or for areas where moisture may be present. Both Flo‐Coat and Gatorshield products are easy to weld, especially when compared to galvanized tubing created using the older hot‐dip method.

Galvanized tubing is often less expensive than other building materials. Galvanized products are delivered ready for your project, and do not require additional rust‐resistant coatings or paint. Inspection on the job site is not generally needed, as galvanized tubing is delivered ready to erect.

Square Galvanized Tubing

If your frame job calls for square tubing, galvanized steel is an excellent choice for both economical and reliability reasons. The Pipe Shop, Inc. supplies quality square galvanized tubing at competitive prices. Please click here for our complete price list.

Rectangle Galvanized Tubing

The Pipe Shop, Inc. also carries a complete line of galvanized rectangle tubing for your building needs. Please click here to view pricing for all of our products.

Round Galvanized Tubing

If your next project calls for round tubing, The Pipe Shop, Inc. has your galvanized solution. Our products are reliable and durable, and priced competitively to fit your construction budget. For a complete list of The Pipe Shop, Inc. pricing, please click here.

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