Pole Barns (Pipe Barns)

The Pipe Shop, Inc. has a full‐line of economical pole barns, designed to fit your needs. Pipe barns are relatively simple to construct, which makes them an affordable and long‐lasting option for your metal building. Durability is another trait of an affordable pole barn, as pipe is much more weather‐resistant than wooden structures. The Pipe Shop, Inc. has a wide variety of styles of pipe barns to not only fit your needs, but to look attractive on your property as well. Our construction options include A‐Frame, ClearSpan, One-Slope and Roll‐Top structures.

A‐Frame Pipe Barns

Pole barns constructed in an A‐Frame style are both affordable and versatile. With a great deal of floor space and a large storage area, A‐Frame barns are an ideal solution to your space needs. The A‐Frame buildings constructed by The Pipe Shop team are built to last. Using pipe rather than wood, rot and warping of wooden planks are not a concern with our metal barns. Find out how affordable an A‐Frame pole barn can be by clicking here or call 985‐229‐8590 or 1‐844‐815‐PIPE, and have one or our experienced team members create a quote for you.

ClearSpan Pipe Barns

ClearSpan pipe metal structures are designed for maximum floor space. A building with a ClearSpan roof does not require interior support beams which can take up valuable storage areas. The Pipe Shop, Inc. can construct your ClearSpan structure using pipe, which is much more durable than traditional wooden buildings. Our experienced construction team can have your building completed quickly, yet with the quality craftsmanship you have come to expect from The Pipe Shop. If you are considering a ClearSpan pipe barn, please call 985‐229‐8590 or 1‐844‐815‐PIPE or click here for a quote from one of our professionals.

One‐Slope Pipe Barns

One‐Slope pipe barns are an affordable choice for a durable metal building. On‐Slope barns have a higher roof pitch at the front than the back, creating a descending slope. One‐Slope pole barns constructed by The Pipe Shop, Inc. are created by our experienced and skilled craftsmen to provide you with a quality product. Metal buildings constructed using pipe are much more durable than wooden barns, which require constant painting to delay decay, and do not warp as wood may do over time. If you are interested in economical and long‐lasting metal building, please click here for a quote from one of our experienced team members or give us a call at 985‐229‐8590 or 1‐844‐815‐PIPE.

Roll‐Top Pipe Barns

Roll‐top designed metal structures offer a great economical advantage. They have a distinctive arch style top using our bowed truss design. By using this design, it eliminates the use of a ridge‐cap and makes the building virtually leak‐proof. The roll top metal structures range in size from 20 ft. ‐ 30 ft. width. The Roll‐Top metal barns from The Pipe Shop, Inc. can be used for a variety of purposes, and are extremely durable. Please call 985‐229‐8590 or 1‐844‐815‐PIPE, or click here to have one of our knowledgeable professionals create a quote for your Roll‐Top structure.

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